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Recall® is a brand of electronic music and entertainment events born in Turin, Italy, in 2016. It has the purpose of creating a community of artists and music enthusiasts through the design of physical and digital formats, combining music and visual arts.


Music represents a way for artists and users to explore new dimensions, to express and discover themselves. Never as today, in an increasingly divided society, it is important to continue to cultivate this art. Recall was born out of the desire to contribute to a greater purpose, that of bringing together, embracing and empowering a generation by providing uncommon audio-visual experiences that can stimulate their creativity and imagination and ultimately enrich participants' lives.



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'moments' is Recall's digital format, born during the pandemic with the aim of promoting through music the Italian artistic, cultural and natural heritage.

Two years later, the project has become a key pillar of the brand, with multiple episodes recorded all over the country, involving international artists, unbelievable locations and some huge support from brands and administrative entities.

Featured Artists:

Denis Horvat | Lehar | DJ BORING 

Aera | Aldebaran | Pergola | HolyU

The Ladder Cloud Thing | Amarcord

Corgiat | Luigi Sambuy | Mariatti

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