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#OTHERVIBES: Recall's motto

Since the creation of Recall, one of our dreams has been to create a new dimension in

electronic music. It could seem like a very wide and generic goal, but this lack of boundaries is precisely what generates the freedom of action that allows us to express ourselves and grow artistically on various aspects. This is done with the goal of always ensuring a unique 360° experience, enabled by the very own ’vibrations’ we perceive.

As you may know, Recall’s motto is indeed #othervibes. This automatically leads us to the two different definitions of vibration: firstly the physical one, an oscillation of relatively small amplitude and relatively large frequency, linked to the acoustic sphere. Secondly, a more sensorial and perceptual meaning, intended as an inner state characterized by a succession of different emotions and feelings.

It is a term that not only defines and positions the musical purpose of the project, but also

determines the general approach of the brand and its community in their daily actions.

We have used #othervibes to define and visualize so many of our projects because it is a motto that reflects us in every way. To us, it has become a philosophy of life, a vocation that guides us on a daily basis and always reminds us to position ourselves in a different way, fostering and creating a specific identity.

Although it was not a direct reference, #othervibes also brings to mind the "think different" advertising campaign, the famous Apple commercial in which Steve Jobs, the company’s historic founder, praises the out-of-the-box thinking of the greatest innovators in the history of mankind, while video clips of Martin Luther King, Albert Einstein and many other icons play.

Let’s talk about 1997. The reason why Recall designs and accomplishes its projects stems from the energy for electronic music and the desire to create an ideal meeting place for fans, artists, music and art. Recall is not just a brand of events, but an organization that is active in the territory and promotes new musical content in the most evocative locations, acting as a guarantor of an experience that is always unique and transversal, but above all, is in constant evolution.

This was a brief insight into our motto in the hope that it will be a source of inspiration in all the ideas you pursue, just as it is for us. From the very beginning, we have chosen to distinguish ourselves from others by creating innovative projects, while also bringing forward certain values.

We step outside the box. We tread unexplored paths. We live to the rhythm of #othervibes.

Recall Team


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