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Recall vinyl: an item to celebrate 5 years of the brand

Our new project to celebrate Recall’s 5 years’ anniversary is a musical compilation released exclusively on vinyl, with a selection focused on the community and its connection with the brand.

The concept

The end of 2021 saw Recall make its recording debut by releasing Recall 5th Anniversary Vinyl, a compilation of 8 tracks produced by artists linked to the brand’s musical sphere, divided in two sides which reflect the core musical concepts of the project: Ballare (“to dance”) and Sognare (“to dream”). Let’s discover these two musical universes more in depth.

Ballare is composed by the sound declinations which best represent the brand’s way of interpreting electronic dance music. Linked to the clubbing sphere, this side contains 4 unreleased productions by Recall’s veteran producers: HolyU, Mariatti, Luigi Sambuy and Reilab.

Side: Ballare

On the other side, Sognare, a word which immediately pushes us in the dreamlike dimension of Recall’s musical universe, where the tracks highlight the continuous search for unique sounds by Aldebaran, Amarcord, Corgiat and ethnology, duo composed by Filippo Aghemo and Umberto Milanesio.

Side: Sognare

The choice to not have a main side, without a front or back, is due to the fact that there is no real succession or order in the concept of the release: both sides are connected to two drawings, two shapes, two colors, two groups of artists writing stories that blend into the essence of the brand. The entanglement found on one of the two sides, is the result of the people who surround recall, representing Ballare. A distinct mass of bodies moving through the the space like the digital interactions that took place over the years. Its opposite, a fusion in the form of a gradient. A gradient, by definition, is the relationship between two parts that merge without a precise border.

This is how Recall defines the feeling that the brand wants to convey through the music proposed. The structure of the design, curated by Maria Camilla Ferracini and Lucia Rebolino, is based on a hierarchy of data, a branched network of relationships between the brand and its community. The design process started by collecting data on the interactions that Recall generated since the first day it appeared on social media until today. Five years of emotions and people, mapped and turned into a visual shape created by a network of comments, likes, tweets and follows.

In a digital age in which streaming is music’s most common diffusion method, the brand wanted to bet on this new physical compilation, in vinyl format. A real object, unique in its entirety, conveying a message, a bond, a philosophy and a story, evoking memories and marking Recall’s first musical release.

The logic behind this concept is plenty of data, resulting from people, music, emotions, sharing and everything that these 5 years have been for us.

Recall Team


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