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Tempio del Valadier: a hidden wonder in central Italy

The set of the last episode of our “moments” format was the magnificent Tempio del Valadier in Genga, in the Italian region of Marche. Apart from the undoubtedly magical beauty of the place, it is one of the many places in Italy unknown to most people, which is why we chose it.

Secret Italy

One of the main goals of our 'moments' format is to promote the endless artistic, historical, and natural heritage offered by Italy. In addition to the already numerous well known attractions in the country, each region has thousands of hidden gems that deserve a visit, and which would require more than a lifetime to be all discovered.

The interior of the cave

Places like the Tempio del Valadier are exactly why we are pursuing this project. Just like we were amazed when we first saw it, we think everyone would feel the same if only there was more awareness about the area.

But what is it exactly? This magical place was born almost two hundred years ago, built by Pope Leo XII to a design by the famous architect Giuseppe Valadier.

A decidedly isolated place, the interior of a cave, in which to build a temple. In fact, as early as the 10th century and for hundreds of years, people found refuge within the walls of this cave to hide from the looting that raged here and in the rest of our peninsula. Its neoclassical, octagonal shape stands out with an extremely suggestive effect against the edges of the cave wall, as if seeking refuge in the dark natural cavity.

Aerial view of the temple

Set between the rocky walls of the mountain, its beauty is further enhanced if observed within the natural context that hosts it: the white color of the travertine stone with which it is entirely built, appears even more candid in the cave; the lead dome that covers it, seems more imposing because it almost touches the rock above; the statue of the Virgin and Child in white Carrara marble by Antonio Canova, placed on the altar inside, is even more precious because it is inserted

in such an impervious context.

It almost seems as if we are living in a fantasy novel, where Nature and Man confront each other, clash, intertwine, until they create a whole, a precious harmony that gives life to scenarios of boundless beauty and great intensity. All these sensations accompanied us while planning and filming the performance of The Ladder Cloud Thing that we recorded here. Forty minutes of pure magic that will take you on a spiritual journey, thanks to the supernatural music of this talented duo, to discover a little-known but unique piece of land in Central Italy.

Re-watching those images, we are taken back to realize how much there still is to show in this amazing country. We hope we can do it together, and we also hope it will trigger in you the desire and interest to follow us in every episode of this beautiful trip,

where music, art, nature and history combine.

You can watch the full performance here below!

Recall Team


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