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Recall 5th Anniversary Vinyl
  • Recall 5th Anniversary Vinyl

    'Recall 5th Anniversary Vinyl' is the new project that celebrates 5 years of our brand. The vinyl consists of 8 unreleased tracks. 8 stories told by artists who became part of our musical sphere these last years. The two sides reflect the musical worlds of the concept: Ballare and Sognare.


    The structure of the design is based on a hierarchy of data, complex in its simplicity, a branched network of relationships between us and you. We started with a data collection on the interactions we got from the first day Recall appeared on social media to now. Five years of emotions and people, mapped in a web of tweets, comments, likes, follows and support. In a digital era where we map our relationships on the web, we set ourselves in this new compilation, in vinyl format.


    The compilation is made of two sides. The decision not to have a cover and a back is due to the fact that in the concept of the release there is no succession, no before or after. Both sides are related to two designs, two shapes, two colors, two clusters of artists that merge into the essence of the brand.


    In fact, the tangle present on one of the two sides, more precisely the people surrounding Recall, are for us Ballare. A distinct mass of bodies moving in space like the digital interactions we have had over the years. 


    Its opposite, on the other side, is Sognare, a fusion in the form of a gradient of you and us. A gradient, by definition, is the relationship between two parts, which join without a precise marked boundary. This is the form that for us defines the feeling we want our music to bring you.


    The logic of the abstraction behind the design is rich with data, but even more of people, emotions, sharing and everything that these 5 years have been for us.



    Side: Ballare

    1. Reilab - Night Loose

    2. HolyU - Skymming Book

    3. Mariatti - City Lights

    4. Luigi Sambuy - Tao Of Moog

    Side: Sognare

    1. Aldebaran - Giaciglio

    2. Amarcord - Mistero

    3. Corgiat - Reiterated Melody

    4. ethnology - Marakchi





    • Limited edition LP consisting of 8 tracks produced by artists connected to Recall.

    • Ship worlwide or pick-up your brand new 'Recall 5th Anniversary Vinyl' at our HQ.

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