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The Italian Job

The world of electronic and techno music has historically been dominated by central and northern European artists, rising from the Berlin scene which boomed in the post-wall era. Influenced by the futuristic sounds of the German capital, international artists were lured by the city's vibrant scene and experimental taste already before the wall's fall in 1989. Today however, hiding behind modern and cutting-edge aliases, we find a plethora of emerging artists coming from Italy. Who are they? And which names are they choosing?

Iconic: Giorgio Moroder in his studio, 1970

Before jumping to the current days, we have to mention an Italian pioneer of the genre: the maestro Giorgio Moroder. The composer and producer, three times Oscar winner from Val Gardena, is acknowledged for his genius all around the world.

His track Giorgio by Moroder in collaboration with Daft Punk is a clear example of his futuristic style, and a testimony of his journey. Moving to Berlin at 27 in his early career, he is an ambassador of the Italian experimental and iconic music taste. Surely, many of today's artists in the electronic scene owe a part of their sounds to his legacy.

Flash forward to the current days, disco has been substituted by techno - but clubs are still vibrating with Italian sounds. Much of the credit goes to a famous duo, Matteo Milleri and Carmine Conte, who met throughout their sound engineering studies. Also starting their career in Berlin, they are among the most influential Italian artists of the genre: Tale of Us. Their ethereal yet powerful sounds take the listener to a whole different dimension. Visuals, bespoke lighting, installations and tailor-made production also play a large part in their shows, as they are increasing their interest in the wider spectrum of arts.

Tale of Us @ Printworks London, 2019

The duo were pushed by another Italian artist, DJ Tennis - or Manfredi Romano - a musician, entrepreneur and chef who embodies genius and recklessness. Influenced by his pioneering spirit, Tale of Us went on to create Afterlife records. Under the label, presenting mesmerizing soundscapes and cosmic sounds, many other artists duos as Agents of Time, Mind Against and Mathame followed Matteo and Carmine's success. Interestingly enough, they are all from the "Bel Paese". Furthermore, Matteo went on to create his single project under the alias of Anyma, producing tracks that result from a dialogue between feminine vocals and powerful drops. And the list does not stop here: the melodic and epic Fideles, scenic Stephan Jolk, vocal rich Glowal and nostalgic Lyke are some of the artists that are growing their fanbase and presence - and behind the international sounding names, they are hiding their Italian nationality.

Among the pool of internationally visible Italians we also find Lehar - Lorenzo Esposito - who has collaborated with Recall on two occasions: the breathtaking Venice sunrise set, and alongside Musumeci, for the Mykonos B2B sunset session. Missed them? No worries, you can find the links to both here below:

Recall moments w/Lehar @Venezia

You can also discover the sounds of all these incredible artists in the freshly updated Recall playlist:

Recall Team


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